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Why this course?

Advanced English Learning System

{{The course is designed in a way that it takes learner to the level next of English learning..

Benefits To The Students- 

 Ø Students Build A Beautiful Building Of English On A Strong Base 

 Ø The High Quality Content Gives Students A Strong Support 

 Ø Teaching English In A Practical Way Gives Them A Head-start In English From the Day 1 

Ø LIVE CLASS helps students Open Up & Clear His Doubts

 Ø Assignments help students know common mistakes they commit & make their English better 

 Ø Live Chat queries & explanation help students get better understanding of the language }}

Different Courses In The Package

╺1) Advanced English Mastery
╺2) Applied Grammar Code
╺3) Vocab Multiplier Model
╺4) Business English Intensive
╺5) Doubt Buster Challenge
╺6) Pronunciation Enhancer System
╺7) Digital Set-up Blueprint
╺8) English Communication Formula

Advanced English Mastery

Step Up Your Game Of English Learning And Master The Art Of English Communication
╺a) How to give long answers in English
╺b) How To Describe Someone In English
╺c) Advanced Sentence Structures In English
╺d) Role plays
╺e) How To Talk On Topics
Applied Grammar Code
Master Concepts Of Grammar And Speak Flawless English
╺a) How To Use Preposition In English
╺b) All important Conjunctions In English
╺c) Using Correct Article
╺d) Conditional Sentences
╺e) Modals
╺f) Active Passive
╺g) Common Errors In English
Vocab Multiplier Model
Master Thousands of Words, Idioms & Phrases And Impress Others With Your English
╺a)Personality Traits
╺b)Important Words For Spoken English
╺c)Useful words & phrases for different fields
╺d) Useful Proverbs, Idioms & Phrases In English
╺e) Etymology
╺ f) Confusing Words
Business English Intensive
Learn English For Business Communication & Achieve Growth In Your Profession
╺a)How to write letters, emails & applications
╺b) Samples of some letters & emails
╺c) Vocab & Phrases for Office & Business
╺d) How To Give Presentation
╺e) How To Write An Article
╺f) Interview Preparation
Doubt Buster Challenge
Get Two Live Session Every Week To Remove Doubts In English
╺a) 2 Live Sessions Every Week On Important Topics
╺b) Out Of 2 Sessions, One Will Be A Doubt Clearing Session
╺c) Sessions Also On Some Complex Concepts Of English
╺d) Recording Of All The Sessions Will Be Provided
╺e) PDF Of All Important Sessions
Pronunciation Enhancer System
Master Sounds In English And Speak English Like A Native Speaker
╺a) Basic Rules Of Phonetics
╺b) How To Read & Speak With
╺Phonic Sounds
╺c) Commonly Mispronounced Words In English
╺d) How To Have A Style Of Speaking
╺e) Tongue Twisters In English
╺f) English Songs
Digital Setup Blueprint
Get Complete Guide On Digital Systems To Set Up Your Own Online Business Model
╺a) How To Make Videos That Are Consumed
╺b) How To Own A Recording Set-up
╺c) Strategies To Grow Big On Social Media
╺d) How To Generate Traffic
╺e) How To Monetize Your Channel
English Communication Formula
Learn Conversational Sentences And Enhance Your English Speaking Skills
╺ a) 500 Important conversational Sentences In English
╺ b) Each Sentence Comes With Usage & Related Information
╺c) Get All this In PDF Format For Easy Read
╺d) Also Get Some Recorded Sessions On Daily Use Sentences
As a bonus you also get ....

Flight Of Wisdom 

Get Collection Of My Personal Blogs And Get Inspired

Get more than 60 articles written by me
& Improve your reading skills

by reading one article everyday

Learn how to write your own blog

Package Contents

Advanced English Mastery
Vinit Kapoor
Applied Grammar Code
Vinit Kapoor
Vocab Multiplier Model
Vinit Kapoor
Digital Set-up Blueprint
Vinit Kapoor
Doubt Buster Challenge
Vinit Kapoor
Pronunciation Enhancer System
Vinit Kapoor
Flight Of Wisdom
Vinit Kapoor
English Communication Formula
Vinit Kapoor
Business English Intensive
Vinit Kapoor

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